K Bar J Leather Company

K Bar J Leather Company is the premier manufacturer of western chaps and chinks in the country.


K Bar J Leather Company


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Pictured is a 100S (string chink)

Cowboy Basic Chinks

These chinks have a full wrap around the leg and are mostly made from heavier weight leather.  Colors will vary.   They have two leg straps that snap shut and a buckle in the front and back of the waist.  We usually have some in stock and they come in small, medium, and large. 

100c Chink
100c Chink w/Mitten Pocket
Mitten Pocket Detail
100s String Chink
100 3c Chink


Working Chinks

These chinks can be made to your specifications. They have the same great wrap around your leg and come with basket weave tooling.  The 200, 201, and 203 styles have buckle leg straps.   You can choose the leather color and weight, different tooling patterns, conchos, and pockets.  Your own brand or initials can be hand tooled or lasered in the tops.  Use our measuring chart for a custom fit. 

Here are some popular styles and options.

(l)201 glove soft – (C)201 hair w/welt pocket –(R) 202z in elk

200 Chink

(L) 201 Chink   (R) 200 Chink

201 Chink

201 Chink glove soft leather


202s Step-in chink w/basket tooled tops shown with string front and buckle back at the waist - Pockets
202z Zippered chink w/basket tooled tops shown with buckle front and buckle back waist - zipper detail shown      

Cowboy Favorites

201H Hair-on Chink
201H - Hair-on Chink Welt Pockets
202z Floral tooled top, custom silver
trim and spots. Call for price.
203 Gold Elk Chink

Elk Chinks - Tobbaco , Smoke & Chocolate colors

Miscellaneous Chinks

Armita Chink
Econo 2 Tone Chink
Trail Rider Chink

Apron Split Two Tone

More Work Chinks

Farrier Chink
Farrier Chink
Haying Apron
Shoeing/Farrier Apron


K Bar J Leather Company




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