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K Bar J Leather Company is the premier manufacturer of western chaps and chinks in the country.


K Bar J Leather Company

Versatility Chaps

The versatility chap is a combination of our working cowboy Arizona bell shotgun and a show chap.  These chaps have longer fringe, a square cut bottom cuff, and use a lighter weight leather.  They can buckle in the front and the back, or have a string in the front and a buckle back, or buckle in the front and lace together in the back.

This is a chap you can use to show in reining, cow horse, cutting, and the versatility classes.  It is also a great work chap.  The versatility chap comes in five styles and a variety of colors and tooling patterns.  Options include floral tooling, oak tooling, basket weave stamping, silver conchos and buckles, and different pocket styles.

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Pictured: Half Breed, Borderline & Puncher


Smooth or rough out leather with a 12” adjustable half zipper that closes to the knee.  Shown with buckle front and buckle back


A more fitted chap with a full length sewn in zipper and a straight cut at the boot heel.


A full length adjustable zipper with a border strip for contrast just in front of the fringe.  Shown with or without slotted conchos.


A full length adjustable zipper with conchos down the leg.  Shown with a mitten pocket on the left leg.  Usually made with smooth out leather.


A great zippered cutting chap with a tooled top and side pieces and a full length adjustable zipper.


A - Half Breed, B - Reinsman, C - Borderline, D - Puncher, E - Cow Cutter

K Bar J Leather Company



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