K Bar J Leather Company

K Bar J Leather Company is the premier manufacturer of western chaps and chinks in the country.


K Bar J Leather Company

Children's Chaps & Chinks

Each hair on hide will vary in color and pattern.   They have nickel spots and stainless steel slotted conchos and adjustable snap leg straps.  At the waist they have a buckle back and string front.

Please call for prices on custom chinks or chaps

Choose Size:

Small = Waist =23" - 28" (Thigh = 13 1/2" ) (Length = 20")
Medium = Waist = 24 1/2" - 30" (Thigh = 14 1/2") (Length = 24")
Large = Waist =27" - 31" (Thigh = 15 1/2) (Length = 26")

Toddlers Angora Chaps
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Here are pictures of some very happy cowkids in their K Bar J Chinks and Chaps


Boys in the leggings bought in Amarillo at the WRCA rodeo.
They get worn every weekend.

K Bar J Leather Company




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